Virtual Field Trips and Webcasts

Interested in doing a virtual field trip or author visit with your class but don’t want to use the Polycom videoconferencing unit? We have solutions for you!!  There are many sites that offer virtual field trips that are interactive for students but not in real time. All you need for this type of virtual field trip is a projector and a set of speakers. Here are some links K-12 to explore:

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Farm Trip

Blackwell’s Listing of Virtual Field Trips

Earth History Tour

Gaza, Egypt Virtual Tour

The Louvre

NASA Digital Learning Network

If you would like to collaborate with another school in real time but without using the Polycom videoconferencing unit there are alternatives. These include iChat, Skype and Elluminate. We use the collaboration site TWICE to find partners for collaboration projects.

If you would like to know more about either of these opportunities please contact Pam Williams for more information.

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